5 Simple Tactics to Sell Websites

5 Simple Tactics to Sell Websites

5 Simple Tactics to Sell Websites


Why do you want to sell websites? Obviously the main reason is for you to gain some profit. Most people actually gain a considerable amount of profit more than their competitors. You may ask why this is so. The answer is very simple. Their secret in making huge profits is in the tactics that they use. Below are 5 sure-fire profit-making tactics successful sellers use to effectively sell websites.

5 Simple Tactics to Sell Websites

Create History and Reliability

If it is your goal to make money through selling websites regularly or for long term, you should create a stalwart reputation and trust. Make sure to keep your feedback a hundred percent positive and make it your goal to get glowing reviews from reliable sources. Although you sell websites on a larger scale only every 1 to 2 years, it is of great importance that you build impressive history with your smaller sales that will eventually lead to greater sales.


Observe Transparency



More often than not, people will buy from sellers they like, know and trust. It may not be easy to build rapport with your prospective buyers so you should make a way to show to your prospective buyers that you are “real.” Linking out to social profiles is a good idea to show this as you try to sell websites

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. Buyers are wary of bidding on anonymous auctions. Transparency is vital in order to show to the buyers that you are not hiding, thus communicating confidence that you are a real person they can consult with for any potential problems that may arise in the future.


Be Descriptive


Sell website with a full description. Many auctions fail due to very scarce information provided pertaining to their description. On the potential buyer’s point of view, if a seller does not provide a very detail information about the site this usually does not mean a good sign. Thus, a high quality overview or summary included in the auction copy with a detailed description is best. Headers should be used to clearly describe various parts of the auction copy.


Avoid Misrepresenting Data


Although you might think that giving a figure way too high or higher than what it exactly is will attract buyers, it is a sure indicator of failure. Buyers will know it somehow, and you are actually making them wonder why you have to sell websites that have potential for great profit. Do not rely on figures when you are explaining the potential of the website.


Avoid Selling Short


During the initial stages of the auction especially when it goes live, you will get many views; however things will eventually slow down with very few viewers left. During this time, savvy buyers will try to ask you to directly short sell websites to them. Although you might be contented with their offer yet, this offer is generally way too low compared to the price you can get by sticking with the auction.