Domain Caravans For Sale

Domain Caravans are an excellent option for those seeking protection from the elements, such as sun, rain or wind. Whether you need shade at a picnic or somewhere to store your bike, this caravan canopy carport meets all your requirements with ease of set-up and plenty of features.

Water tank capacity

Water is essential in remote settings, so the water tank capacity of domain caravans for sale should be high enough to supply ample freshwater supply. This is especially crucial if you plan on free camping or exploring national parks without access to city water sources. Not having to purchase expensive supplies or travel with bottled water saves you the trouble of trying to locate a water outlet while away from civilization. Many domain caravans come equipped with rotationally molded tanks which are dent crack and rupture proof - perfect for long-term usage!

Battery capacity

Battery capacity is an important factor when selecting the ideal caravan. Generally, look for at least one battery of 100Ah capacity, which will guarantee your fridge, lighting and TV stay powered regardless of weather conditions. If you're really prepared, incorporate either a backup battery or solar panels for uninterrupted power supply. Not only that but you may also want to consider other features like having an ample water tank with plenty of storage.

Storage space

Limited storage space inside your caravan can be a problem, particularly when traveling long distances. To solve this issue, organize your items and create an efficient solution for storage. Use clear containers to maximize space and eliminate clutter. Make it easier for yourself to locate what you need and keep your caravan organized neatly. Another great storage idea is creating a quick-drop zone where essential items like keys, hats, headphones and chargers can be quickly dropped in. This area can be located near your door or any free wall space in your caravan. To make it even more efficient and practical, use hooks to hang this zone so heavier items don't end up buried in cabinets and drawers. This smart storage solution can easily be integrated into the overall design of your caravan for a seamless transition.