GoDaddy Launches List For Sale
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GoDaddy recently unveiled a service called List for Sale that makes selling old or unused domains simpler and quicker for its customers. This free offering helps customers earn valuable sums from selling unwanted domains.

Start the three-step process by clicking "List for Sale" in the Domain Control Center and setting a sales price, using GoValue for an approximate appraisal estimate and listing it on Afternic as a global marketplace.

How to list a domain for sale

Entrepreneurs looking to start businesses often turn first to buying domain names for their venture. Not all ventures succeed, and these unused domain names can become valuable assets. GoDaddy recently unveiled the List for Sale service which makes selling domains online simple for its customers.

The List for Sale service provides a three-step solution that makes selling domains simpler than ever before. Once domain owners log into their GoDaddy account and click "List for Sale" button in their domain control center, they can set a sales price while using GoValue valuation tool to estimate its worth. Once this step is completed they can create landing page for their domain's website listing as well as publish their listing on Afternic domain marketplace - making selling domains a hassle-free process!

After publishing their domain on Afternic, potential buyers can view and bid for it during a seven-day auction. When it concludes, the highest bidder wins; sellers may set a reserve price so that only winning bidders meet or surpass this minimum threshold before it will sell the domain name.

An alternative way of selling domains quickly and cost effectively is eBay, a popular marketplace for selling unused domains. Unlike GoDaddy, which charges sellers to list their domains for sale, but does charge when one sells; eBay allows sellers to list for free but may charge a fee upon sale of each domain they list for sale - however this can help reach more potential buyers quickly and make quick sales.

When selling premium domains, Sedo is your perfect partner. Renowned for their premium brokerage services and buyer vetting process, Sedo can ensure you make top dollar from your domain sale.

Are You Looking to Sell Unused Domains through GoDaddy? When selling domains through GoDaddy, first log into your GoDaddy account and select "My Account" from the menu bar. Select "Domains" then "List for Sale" next to each listing that needs selling.

Pricing your domain

Finding the optimal price for your domain is key to selling it successfully. One method of doing this is comparing its pricing against similar domains and tools like GoValue can help estimate this figure; but ultimately its true worth depends on what people are willing to pay for it.

If you're uncertain of the value of your domain, try listing it in an auction. Domain auctions provide an effective means of selling domains by placing the name directly before potential buyers - making your domain more appealing to these potential purchasers and eventually leading to higher sale prices.

Use of a domain broker is another option for selling your domain, providing professional appraisal, finding potential buyers, and ensuring secure transactions. Unfortunately, these services come at a cost; typically 10%-20% of the final sales price are charged as fees for these services. No matter which way you go about selling, make sure that you protect yourself from scammers by being diligent.

Your other option for selling your domain could be using an established marketplace like eBay. While this approach might involve more risk than using domain auction sites, it still may result in successful sales - some sellers even provide special pricing to attract potential buyers, increasing your odds of successfully closing a sale.

Domain names can be valuable assets that can be sold for a profit. Their value can fluctuate over time, so always conduct thorough research before making your decision. To increase the chance of securing an optimal price for your domain, list it at an auction or with a domain broker.

GoDaddy customers can quickly convert unused domains to cash by taking advantage of the Domain Name Sale service. This three-step process streamlines selling domains; GoValue can help estimate an approximate domain valuation before creating a "For Sale" landing page for their domain website, then publishing their listing for sale on Afternic (owned by GoDaddy).

Getting a buyer

Ensure a timely sale when selling domains by quickly finding buyers for them quickly. In addition, using a secure escrow service to manage payments protects both parties against fraud and identity theft.

One way to find a buyer for your domain is to post it on an established domain marketplace, such as Afternic or Efty. These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces and integrated escrow services while being highly trafficked - increasing your odds of finding an interested party quickly.

Once you've selected where to list your domain, the next step should be setting its starting price. A valuation tool is ideal for this process as they show how much similar domains have sold for in recent sales as well as what specific characteristics make yours valuable.

Once you've set a starting price, the next step should be advertising it. There are various advertising methods available to you including public auction and offer/counteroffer. Public auction offers may result in higher sale prices as potential buyers compete among themselves for your domain name.

Another alternative is posting your domain on a domain broker marketplace, which specializes exclusively in selling domains. Such websites typically charge a flat fee between 10%-20% upon the successful sale of one domain name.

Finding a buyer for your domain can be challenging, but not impossible. Start by advertising it on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn; also, try reaching out directly to businesses who might be interested in purchasing it directly - this requires some research but could yield the greatest returns from its sale.

Once you've located a buyer for your domain name, it's essential that they remain informed on progress and any issues that may arise during the buying process. Doing this will build trust while assuring customer satisfaction with their purchase; in addition, it would be useful if post-sale support could be offered should there be any questions following completion.

Getting paid

Domain names serve as virtual real estate on the web, used to identify websites. If your domain name no longer needs to be used, selling it could bring in some extra cash - this process is relatively easy and you may even use a domain selling service for this task; but, there are some key points you need to keep in mind before selling off your domain.

Before listing your domain for sale, make sure it is appealing to potential buyers. A catchy tagline and explanation of what the website will be used for can draw buyers' interest while increasing your chance of securing a great price.

Keep an eye out for scams and avoid anyone trying to buy your domain for more than its market value. An escrow service will ensure both parties get paid, and that no unexpected changes occur, such as buyer backpedaling on promises they made when buying your domain.

GoDaddy makes selling domains easy: once you select a sales price for your domain, GoDaddy publishes it to an appropriate marketplace and category pages. If you need assistance in estimating its worth, the free estimate pricing tool from GoDaddy may also come in handy.

GoDaddy's Afternic marketplace provides another effective means of selling domains quickly. Renowned for its high average sale prices, Afternic features tools that can make the domain selling process as painless as possible, such as choosing which payment method best fits you - then let Afternic handle the rest!