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Gooloogong lies along the Lachlan Valley Way between Cowra (34 km south-east) and Forbes (57 km north-west), on either side of which there is a camping ground next to Lachlan River and many other attractions in Gooloogong. It boasts various businesses as well as an inviting pub that offer something for everyone in Gooloogong.

Gooloogong is well known for Croote Cottage, an early convict-era cottage located in its memorial park and surrounded by plaques commemorating prominent families in the area. There is also the Gooloogong Historical Society with an informative museum as well as a Pioneer's Wall to pay homage to early settlers of Gooloogong. All this makes Gooloogong an enjoyable progressive village with strong sense of community; an ideal stopover before continuing onto Hunter Valley or New South Wales!