How Do Individuals Who Sell Domain Names Make Money?
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If you are looking to sell a domain name, there are several options available. You can use websites like Sedo, Flippa, Afternic, or other domain registrars. The important thing is to select a brandable domain name. It should be unique, descriptive, and short, so that the prospective customers can easily remember it and associate it with your product or service. You should also set sales goals that are realistic. Setting yourself up for failure will only lead to disappointment, so set sales goals that you can easily meet.


Sedo is a website where domain owners can list their domains for sale. The website has experts who can help you sell your domain. Sedo also offers services like Domain Parking. Through Domain Parking, you can make money by posting thematically matched advertising links. The services are free of charge for Sedo customers. However, if you want to sell your domain, Sedo charges a commission for each sale. This commission varies according to the type of sale and the TLD. Sedo's fees are exclusive of taxes.

Sedo also offers a service that allows you to sell your domain at a fixed price. You can choose to sell it for a set price or set an auction price. This service is more suitable if you are trying to sell an expensive domain name. If you do decide to sell your domain, you must make sure to follow the rules set by Sedo to avoid losing money.

The process is easy. You can list your domains by logging into your account and setting up the categories that apply to your domain. You can also set a minimum bid and start/end date. You can even set an escrow service to ensure that you get your domains at a fair price. You can also choose to park your domains on Sedo if you wish.


If you're looking to sell a domain name, then Flippa is the right place for you. This website allows you to list and sell domain names for cash. The process is easy because you only have to provide information to the site, and you can get a quick and easy payment. The site also handles the transfer of your domain name to a new owner.

While Flippa is primarily a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, it also has a section for auctioning domain names. It attracts over 2 million monthly visitors, and sells hundreds of domains every day. It costs $9 to list a domain name on Flippa, and you'll get 15% of the sale price if it's successful.

Whether you want to sell your domain name privately or list it on a marketplace, it's important to research potential buyers. Most domain marketplaces include escrow services, which secure payment before transferring the domain. When a domain name is purchased and transferred, escrow accounts instruct the seller to transfer ownership of the domain name to the buyer. Once the buyer confirms ownership, the funds will be released back to the seller.

A good example of a domain name for sale on Flippa is a website that offers Android tips. Although it doesn't look like anything special, the website's traffic statistics have been verified by Google Analytics.


Afternic is a domain name seller that is free to join and offers the latest technology and convenient features. Its inventory is the most comprehensive and is backed by partnerships with the largest domain name registrars in the world. The company is 100% legitimate and has been in business for more than 20 years. Once you've joined the Afternic marketplace, you'll be able to submit a domain for sale, check the details, and set your price range.

Afternic works much like an MLS system in real estate. You can list your domain name on their sales platform and then let them market it to over 100 partners. You'll be notified whenever your domain name is sold. You can also use their customer support if you have questions or concerns about the service.

Afternic's DLS helps you sell your domain name quickly and easily. The service is backed by GoDaddy branded Buy-Now pages and a professional sales team. The company's goal is to be your partner in the domain name aftermarket business. The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute personalized advice.

When you choose to sell your domain name on Afternic, you will be charged a commission for each sale. The minimum amount for this is $15. If you're selling a domain valued at more than $25k, Afternic will charge you $4000 plus 10%.


Individuals who sell domain names need to make sure that they are properly advertising their domains. They should advertise their domains on free online classifieds, press releases, email campaigns, newsletters, and domain name forums. They should also contact businesses that have related products or services and offer them free domains as incentives. This will increase their chances of selling a domain.

Among the most popular tools for evaluating domain name value is NameBio. If you have a keyword in mind, enter it in NameBio and use the advanced search features to find similar domains that were recently sold. You can also find out what the selling price of these domains was. Once you've determined the market value of your domain, you can decide whether or not it's worth selling it.

When selling domain names, individuals should make sure to respond quickly. They should try to get in touch with the buyer within twenty-four hours, otherwise they may miss out on the sale. If you take too long to respond, you might miss out on a six-figure deal. For example, if a domain name ends with "99" or "98", people are more likely to buy it. This is known as "charm pricing," and it relates to retail psychology.

Another way to sell a domain is to conduct an auction. This is the most common way to sell a domain, with people bidding on the domain and the seller agreeing to the price. Auctions take place every day, and thousands of domains are sold through them. The auctions are conducted in marketplaces and last for a certain period of time.

TLD extensions

There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to buying domain names with TLD extensions. For one, the exact domain name you are looking for can cost thousands of dollars. For another, you can get a cheaper price if you buy an older domain. However, you should make sure to shop around and find the best price for your domain name.

If you are in the market for a domain name with a TLD extension, you should first consider the type of domain name that you would like to own. The most common extensions You can even register.apk domain names. You should remember to choose a TLD that will reflect your business well.

Another benefit to choosing a TLD extension is that you can direct traffic to a website with it. While the domain extension itself is not as important as the primary domain, it can increase your traffic, boost your SEO, and improve your user experience. However, be careful when choosing a domain name because your target audience might not think your site is safe or reliable.

In addition to these advantages, TLD extensions allow you to register a domain name with a specific keyword. For instance, if your business is an innovative one, you might want to go with a more trendy and fun extension.