How to Effectively Sell Website Guide

How to Effectively Sell Website Guide

How to Effectively Sell Website Guide


If you want to sell websites, you can actually make a lot of money when you have a good idea how to sell effectively. The key is for you to observe some guide so that you surpass your competitors. Surely you do not wish to just sell your websites at the lowest bid and expect buyers to just take it right away. Instead, you would definitely want to follow a certain guide so that you are able to sell websites in a professional way, making the buyers feel confident in buying websites from you.

Sell Website Guide

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The Website Should Spark Some Interest

If your sales pitch is good enough, it is not difficult to sell websites of any type. Craft your sales pitch in such a way that it shows the buyers will find value from buying your website. The website type does not actually matter so long as there is something in it that will be of interest to the buyers. Niche sites, however, seem to have an edge. Thus, picking a popular type of niche such as medicine/health, yoga, fitness, music, movies, etc. is a good idea. You just then need to plan the layout, create some content, and you are ready to give it a try.

The Website Should Have an Appropriate Username

Sell website with a username that sounds professional and a lot like business. There is great importance in picking the right username since a generic and vague username is not something that people take very seriously. Make it sound like a name for a company. “EasyWeb” sounds better than a web with a username taken after your name plus your birth date for instance.

Include Numerous Screenshots

There is more marketing value for pictures than words. People love the feeling that they get from looking at what they are planning to buy. Thus, employing lots of pictures becomes important when you sell websites. The more screenshots of the website available the greater is its chance of being purchased. For an established site, it is better to include the backend screenshots and any revenues or stats.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are a very indispensable selling tool. There is no greater way of showing stability in a service or product you are offering or selling than through testimonials from reliable sources. When you sell websites, it will help you to consider featuring some testimonials.

Offer Free or Cheap Hosting

Offering free or cheap hosting as an incentive is a great idea since this will not actually cost you a penny. You do not need to collect a bill each year or each month from the buyers. If you sell websites with incentives, this makes for an easy closing of the sale.