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If you are in the market to buy a home, the internet can help you find it. Websites such as Zillow and Houzeo are a good place to start looking. Other websites you can try include Facebook Marketplace and Trulia. Whether you're a home buyer, seller, or real estate professional, these sites can help you find the home of your dreams. You can filter properties by location, price, and features. You can also get information about schools in the area, commute times, neighborhood concerns, and more. Zillow also helps you calculate the monthly costs associated with owning a property.


The Houzeo buy home website offers a unique, fast, and convenient way for buyers to buy a home. It helps buyers close deals within minutes, and it digitizes the paperwork required to close a deal. The site's Platinum Package also offers consulting and listing to closing services.

The platform features an interactive dashboard with a list of offers and a request form so buyers can communicate with potential sellers. Sellers can accept or reject offers within minutes. The website also offers concierge support, allowing them to respond promptly to any offers they receive. Moreover, listings on Houzeo can be listed on MLS in two or three days.

The Houzeo buy home website has a number of downsides. First, the site is not licensed to post listings in MLS, and instead passes listings onto real estate agents in the local area. While this makes the process more efficient, users are unable to contact the real estate agent directly, which leaves them in a position of being unable to make any decisions about the match between their home and an agent.

In addition to offering for sale by owner listings, Houzeo also offers a flat fee regardless of the outcome of the sale. The website also offers four different packages, each with limitations for photography upload, changes, and paperwork. Houzeo also expects the homeowner to coordinate their own closing services. However, despite these restrictions, Houzeo is a good option for home buyers. It can be used to browse homes for sale in your local area or anywhere else.

The company has several mobile applications for both buyers and sellers. The mobile applications allow buyers to view properties, compare offers, and save properties for future reference. In addition to this, sellers can list a property for $349 and receive a 1.5% rebate on the transaction. The fees for listing a home on Houzeo are also lower than traditional real estate services.

Another important feature of Houzeo is its Showing Management feature. Similar to a real estate agent's showing management tool, the Houzeo Showing Management feature allows sellers to schedule showings at times convenient for them. The platform also provides a dashboard with filters that allow sellers to compare offers and select the best buyer. The platform also includes an advanced closing costs calculator.


If you're looking to buy a home, the Trulia website can be a great way to find the perfect one. Its search feature makes it easy to narrow your choices by price range, style, number of bedrooms, and more. You can also use custom keywords to search homes in your desired neighborhood. The website also features a map with interactive features, as well as neighborhood reviews.

The Trulia website can be used on mobile devices as well. Its mobile app allows you to search for homes and find neighborhood information. Listings are updated within 24 hours, and you can even view nearby amenities. The Trulia app also allows you to see multiple map views of a property.

While most real estate websites are free for buyers, you'll probably want to opt in to full features if you'd like to save your search criteria and receive push notifications when a property's price falls. This is a valuable feature that is worth the extra cash. While most people use a realtor to purchase a home, using a website like Trulia can help you find the perfect home for your needs.

One thing to keep in mind when using Trulia for home buying is that rates vary widely based on location, lender, and type of loan. For example, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages typically have higher rates than 15-year fixed-rate mortgages. The prices you see on Trulia are not the same as those of Zillow's partner marketplace. Therefore, it's best to compare rates from several different sources before selecting a mortgage company.

While home shopping websites are fun for beginners, they're also a lot of work for those with more experience. A more experienced buyer will be looking for the quickest way to narrow down their search. A home search that begins online can easily browse hundreds of homes in the same time it takes to attend an open house.

You can find properties that match your search criteria by size, price, and neighborhood. Some sites even offer details about the median sales price in the area. In addition, many listings also include information about the neighborhood's schools and other important factors.


Zillow has been in the business of buying homes for 15 years, but before that they had been more focused on publishing online real estate listings. Its iBuying business concept uses algorithms to identify homes that are good candidates for flipping. They then buy the house from the seller and resell it for a profit. According to the CEO of Zillow, the company hopes to buy at least 5,000 homes a month by 2024.

Since its launch, Zillow has become one of the most popular websites for finding homes. This app makes it easier to search and list homes, as well as connect buyers with agents and lenders. It also saves searches for later use, and notifies users of any changes made to their search criteria. The site sources listings from multiple listing services (MLS) and non-MLS sources, including for-sale-by-owner and auctions. It also makes money by charging home service providers advertising fees.

Zillow also has a mobile app that helps users locate nearby properties. It offers a complete property description and can also display Zillow 3D Home tours. The site is free to use, but users can upgrade to use full features such as push notifications when property prices decrease. These features may require personal information from the user, so it's important to know the risks and benefits of using these websites.

Zillow also renames its affiliated lender as Zillow Home Loans. It also launches an iPad app that features a photo-driven home shopping experience optimized for the iPad's multi-touch interface. It also launches Zillow agent ratings and reviews. And finally, Zillow adds Canadian listings to its mobile app and website.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an easy to use platform that allows users to post items for sale and buy them. It is a great way to sell unwanted items in your home and find buyers in your locality. However, it is important to note that certain products may be prohibited by Facebook. To avoid being banned, it is important to keep your items authentic. Some of the most popular items sold on Facebook Marketplace include refurbished furniture, baby items, maternity clothes, and cabinets. Users generally want to see the product they wish to buy in person before making a purchase. This is why you should avoid using stock photos for your items.

When selling on Facebook Marketplace, make sure you check the ratings given by other users. These ratings will give you an idea of the trustworthiness of a seller. If the rating is low, it may mean that the seller is unreliable. It also might mean that the seller is a scammer.

Unlike other websites that require a commission, Facebook Marketplace is a free option for sellers. However, you can pay to boost your listings if you want. You can even use a third-party listing service to list your listings for sale on Facebook Marketplace. If you don't want to use a professional real estate agent, Clever Real Estate can help you find a trusted, local agent. With their services, you can save thousands of dollars on your next home sale.

To join the Facebook marketplace, you'll need to set up a Facebook account. You'll find a Marketplace tab in the home page's header. Or you can search for it on Facebook using the search bar. If you are a Facebook user, creating a marketplace account is quick and easy.

To make a Facebook listing visible on Facebook, you need to ensure it matches the description and photos. Some platforms automatically create syndicated listings while others require you to opt-in. Make sure you read Facebook's policies about posting listings, as violating them will prevent your listing from being published and can get it deleted. Additionally, listings that discriminate against protected classes and violate laws regarding tenant screening will be removed from Facebook.