How to List Domain For Sale
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Once you have determined the value of your domain, the next step should be listing it for sale. You can do this through either a domain marketplace or auction site; however, only use one service at a time to avoid double selling your domain.

BrandBucket is a domain name marketplace offering domains at $10 listing fees with commission rates from 10-20%. Sedo is another popular domain name marketplace.


Porkbun is an ICANN accredited domain registrar established nearly 10 years ago in Portland, Oregon. They provide competitive prices with no hidden fees and a user-friendly interface to register and manage domains, plus essential tools like DNS management and WHOIS privacy protection as standard in their packages at no extra charge. Furthermore, they offer an extensive library of top-level domains covering specific countries as well as categories like technology or land.

Porkbun provides services designed to help you build, host and manage your website more easily, including domain registration, hosting packages for websites and email services, SSL certificates as well as an extensive knowledge base with answers for any of your questions. Unfortunately their onboarding experience leaves much to be desired with limited step-by-step instructions on how to set up domain names.

Porkbun may not have the scale of some of the larger registrars, but it offers excellent value. Their domains are less expensive than GoDaddy or most other registrars and remain consistent over time; their site also features an intuitive, minimalist design without intrusive upsells or cross-sells that may arise.

Porkbun also supports blockchain-based TLDs and the growing list of Handshake domains utilizing Ethereum Name Service (ENS), making them perfect for use with browsers such as Brave or Opera to create unique web addresses.

Though Porkbun's pricing is competitive, they don't offer deep discounts to new customers - which may be detrimental for those purchasing multiple domains or just buying them in case they need them later. But their pricing structure is transparent - their domain page clearly lists each TLD's price.

Porkbun offers multiple payment methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrency and PayPal. Furthermore, they provide free cPanel hosting with domain transfer support and one-click WordPress installs; in addition to an intuitive website builder featuring drag-and-drop functionality and unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity.


Domain names are essential components of the internet, and BrandBucket is one of the premier marketplaces in this space. Their carefully curated marketplace features hundreds of brandable business domain names curated by expert staff for purchase or leasing; plus resources that help companies establish memorable brand identities; all this with an efficient buying/selling process that makes finding just the right domain easy for any business.

BrandBucket stands out from other domain marketplaces by curating brandable domains specifically selected and pre-approved to meet your business's branding goals. Their dedicated approach to quality and user-friendly interface make BrandBucket an excellent option for companies searching for high-quality domains that will resonate with customers.

BrandBucket not only offers domains for sale, but they also provide parking pages and domain name parking services that enable you to make money while your domain sells. When using such services, be sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly; in some cases you might need proof of ownership before listing it for sale.

As a way of protecting buyers from scammers, most domain sellers provide an escrow service as part of transactions. An escrow service acts as an independent third-party to receive payments from buyers and send them on to sellers safely and securely. This method of collecting payments offers the highest degree of protection against any unwanted scammers or thieves who could try and scam buyers out of money by receiving payments in this way.

When listing a domain for sale, it is essential that a realistic price be set. To help with this task, domain appraisal websites or professional appraisers may help. Keep in mind that the more recognizable a name is, the higher its value will be.

Freemarket is another domain buying-and-selling platform that provides users with the opportunity to list domains for auction-style or fixed pricing, along with providing messaging boards for communicating with potential buyers. It should be noted, however, that freemarket domains typically hold less value than premium ones.


Domain marketplace Sedo provides a host of services that make it one of the best places to sell domains, including an expansive selection of domain names, a free appraisal service and parking services. In addition, bi-monthly auction events help people sell their domains efficiently so that it's easy to find buyers for yours.

To list a domain on Sedo, first create an account. Afterward, choose between Make Offer and Marketplace Auction options. Make Offer allows you to set a fixed price based on evaluation while Marketplace Auction puts it up for auction and will appear in search results and have its own sales landing page to promote it further.

Once you've created an account, you can start searching for domains that match your keywords. Additionally, you can narrow your search down by type - for instance premium or developed websites can be more easily located this way.

After you've found a domain that meets your criteria, the next step should be negotiations. At this point, it will be necessary to provide the seller with your contact details and proof of identity; then request transfer. Keep in mind that domain transfers typically take five to ten days as their owners must temporarily disable privacy protection services before making the transfer official. Before signing up for an account on Sedo, it's important to understand exactly what's involved. Despite some drawbacks, Sedo remains one of the premier marketplaces for buying and selling domains; its customer support team offers fast response times while providing detailed documentation about how to sell domains. Furthermore, their vetting process protects buyers against spammers and fraudsters.


Domain names are invaluable and an integral component of a business venture. Unfortunately, not every idea succeeds and domains may sit unused. Now GoDaddy makes it easier than ever for customers to turn those unused domains into cash through its List for Sale tool.

GoDaddy's free service enables customers to easily list unused domains for sale and find potential buyers and negotiate prices, without ever needing a broker or agent. Once sold, GoDaddy handles ownership transfer and funds will be dispersed directly back to the seller.

Start selling domains today on GoDaddy List for Sale by selecting "Appraise and Sell" by the domain they would like to sell, which will open up a pop-up window where users can enter their desired selling price for their domain as well as add any descriptions to help prospective buyers understand its worth. Finally, users have the choice between selling via offer/counter offer or seven-day public auction - or both!

After filling out this form, the user will receive an email containing instructions on how to list their domain for sale. After accepting our terms and conditions, they can begin marketing their domain for sale; during this step it is critical that all information provided is accurate; otherwise it could impede potential buyers and prevent your domain from selling successfully.

GoDaddy hasn't changed much in their customer score over the past year, but they did add additional help tools and video tutorials to their knowledge base, which means customers can get answers faster and more efficiently than before. If further assistance is required, GoDaddy also offers live agent assistance from 8am-9pm EST Monday-Saturday where an answer should arrive within two minutes; outside these times there is email support as well.