How to List Domains For Sale

If you are looking to sell your domain, listing it on some of the top domain selling sites can help increase your chances of finding a buyer.

Before you begin listing, it's wise to do some research on what similar domains have sold for in the past. This will give you a good indication of how much yours might be worth as well.

1. GoDaddy Auctions

If you're searching for a domain, GoDaddy Auctions is an ideal starting point. Here, they offer a vast selection of domains available and even let you bid on them yourself!

Domain sellers can list their domains on the site to attract potential buyers. Doing so can increase sales of certain domains and bring in additional revenue for businesses.

GoDaddy Auctions offers a number of features, such as saving searches and receiving email notifications when new domains match your criteria. Furthermore, you can export all domains you are watching, bidding on or winning to a CSV file for further analysis.

To list a domain for sale on, navigate to the auctions page and select your desired domain. There you can enter a description and keywords so people can easily locate your website.

You can also add filters to your domain, such as its industry and target audience, which will make it simpler for potential buyers to locate and make an offer on it.

Additionally, you can customize your listing to include information about how long a domain has been registered and its current value. Doing this helps create a more thorough domain description and increases the chance that the domain will sell at a higher price.

Once you're ready to list your domain, click "Create a Listing." Select an appropriate category for the domain and create a payment profile if needed.

When listing a domain, there are various pricing options to choose from. You can list it at either a fixed price or use an offer/counteroffer listing format.

Domain resellers can benefit from GoDaddy Auctions' vast database of domains to locate and resell high-quality domains at reasonable prices. Searching through specific keywords usually yields some great deals.

Domain resellers can take advantage of GoDaddy's daily closeout auctions for cheap domains that can be resold for substantial profits. These sales offer an excellent source of cheap domains that can be quickly and easily added to their portfolios.

2. BrandBucket

BrandBucket is an innovative domain name marketplace designed to assist startup business owners in finding the ideal name for their venture. They provide a range of services beyond simply finding domain names for sale, making them one of the few platforms with such a comprehensive offering.

Their mission is to offer a creative solution for startups that require quality design, responsive customer service and an innovative approach to business naming. Additionally, the platform provides extensive resources for entrepreneurs like an extensive library of available business names that can be purchased or the option to have your chosen name customized with a logo design.

They offer competitive pricing and an intuitive user-interface. Their reputation for professionalism and efficiency have earned them many satisfied customers; many reviewers have praised their service in the past.

Last year, BrandBucket's average selling price for a name was $3,070 - much higher than expected from an online domain marketplace, particularly for brandable domains. Furthermore, their acceptance rate has significantly increased from 8% to 25%, suggesting they are much more selective about which domains they accept for sale compared to other markets.

BrandBucket only accepts domains registered at approved registrars, such as GoDaddy or Bluehost, along with many lesser-known providers.

When a name is listed for sale on BrandBucket's marketplace, it will be featured and you will be notified via email if there is an interested buyer. Once an offer is accepted by a buyer, they must complete their transaction within two weeks; sellers who fail to respond or otherwise comply with transaction terms could face account cancellation by BrandBucket.

BrandBucket also provides a liquidation service for domains that have been listed on their marketplace but have yet to sell. The amount they pay depends on the suggested price and length of time the name has been listed.

3. Sedo

If you're in the market to list domains for sale, Sedo is a top choice. They provide various features that can help you locate a buyer for your domain and even provide payment protection - so that if the sale doesn't go as planned, you won't lose money.

They offer various price types for domains, such as Make Offer and Buy Now prices. Furthermore, you can take advantage of their auto appraisal tool which provides an accurate suggested range for your domain.

Established in 2000, this company now hosts 19 million domains on their platform. They also offer various services to their customers such as domain parking and research/analysis.

Their site is user-friendly, making it effortless to buy or sell domains. Plus, you can set up a free account in order to start bidding on domains!

They boast the largest domain trade platform and boast a vast database of registrars, making them an ideal option for people looking to sell their domain names. Furthermore, they specialize in certain categories of domain names like crypto domains.

This enables them to offer better prices for domains than other online auction sites. For instance, they only charge 10% commission if you sell your domain directly through their marketplace.

If you're new to the domain name industry or plan on spending less than $10,000 on domain auctions, their Standard certification level is an ideal option for you. You can select this membership type at the Member Certification section of your account.

Once you've created an account with Sedo, the next step is to confirm it via the email address used when signing up. After doing this, you'll be able to begin bidding on domains and receiving parking payments.

Sedo offers members the ability to list their domains at any of its seven websites. Plus, they have an app for on-the-go listing as well as a sales landing page where you can promote your domain.

4. Dynadot

Dynadot is a website builder, domain registrar and webmail service with an impressive interface and feature set. They even offer various SSL certificates to protect your websites and email addresses.

Dynadot makes buying a domain name an effortless process. They provide competitive prices for different domain name extensions, with the most common costing between $10 and $100 annually. Furthermore, some atypical domain name extensions can be acquired for less than $10 annually.

They provide a website building platform that is user-friendly and includes all the features needed to construct an effective online presence for your business, including custom CSS and JavaScript code. Furthermore, their webmail service works flawlessly and is mobile optimized - enabling anyone to conveniently access their email from anywhere.

Dynadot's grace deletion (tasting) policy is an invaluable asset, allowing you to test the waters with a new domain name and delete it if unworthy before paying for it. This unique feature makes signing up for a domain easy - simply take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

Domain names can also be purchased through Dynadot's marketplace, where you can negotiate the price with other buyers and sellers. The process is streamlined and swift, plus you have the option of using various currencies when purchasing your desired domain.

Dynadot is also an excellent place to purchase domains that are up for auction, particularly when there are discounts offered. These tend to be new domain name extensions which Dynadot runs promotions for in order to attract customers.

The service also provides a website builder, making it simple to design stunning mobile-optimized sites. They even provide SSL certificates for e-commerce stores - essential tools for safeguarding your online store.

They offer free domain hosting on their virtual private servers, which are secure and fast. Plus, their website builder is user-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality for effortless design.

You have the option to add privacy to your domains, giving you control over who sees what information. This can be done through Dynadot's "Manage Domains" area. Furthermore, their service includes an Account Lock Feature that prevents theft or hijacking of both your account and domain names.