How to Sell a Domain Name on Godaddy
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If you're looking to sell your domain name, GoDaddy has several methods you can use to sell it. Among these are the Offer/Counter Offer and Buy Now features. These options allow you to set your own price and give buyers seven days to place a bid. You can also use the "Buy Now" tool to let potential buyers make an offer without a time limit. If your domain has expired, you can also use the auction process. Once the auction closes, the highest bidder will be the proud owner of a new domain name.

Offer/Counter Offer

If you're trying to sell a domain name through GoDaddy's Auctions system, you must pay a small fee to access the website. After you pay the fee, you'll be able to list your domain for sale. Once you post it, you can edit the listing at any time. GoDaddy will keep a small percentage of the sale price.

When making an offer, you'll be required to enter your starting price and the price you want to sell your domain for. The Asking Price should be at least $10 and should be the price you're willing to accept if the buyer makes an offer lower than that. If you set a lower price, potential buyers may not make an offer.

Offer/Counter Offer listings are similar to auction listings, except that you'll be able to accept or reject the first offer submitted by a buyer. The initial offer will be considered the first bid on the listing, and is added to the Bidding List. You can submit a counter-offer if you want to, but you need to do so within seven days of the first offer.

Once you've listed your domain for sale, you'll need to set it up to sell successfully. You should also make sure it's protected. Most domain selling platforms will provide an escrow service, which protects both parties. You might need to approve the price of your domain, and the buyer will have to confirm the payment.

Once you've posted your domain for sale through GoDaddy's Auctions, you'll need to make sure that the buyer accepts it before deleting the listing. If you don't sell the domain within five days, it will be deleted. You'll have to make sure that you're ready to accept a counter offer if you don't want to sell your domain for less than you originally bid.

Auctions on GoDaddy are one of the most reliable and secure ways to sell a domain name. You can bid on quality domains before they expire and get the best price for your domain. GoDaddy also allows you to monitor multiple auctions, so you'll be notified of any changes as soon as you register for the service.

Buy Now

If you're looking to sell your domain, you may consider using GoDaddy's Buy Now feature. This is a great way to quickly and easily sell your domain. The company, which offers web hosting and registrar services, offers a vetting process to ensure that only the most serious domain sellers are allowed to bid. As a result, you'll never have to worry about spammers or getting burned by scams.

Once you're ready to sell a domain, visit the Sell Your Domain page and enter your domain name. You'll be prompted to enter a listing price. Your asking price must be at least $10. You can also specify a minimum bid for your domain. In addition, you can select the category you wish to list your domain in.

GoDaddy has an auction feature, which allows buyers to submit bids for domains they want to buy. You can either accept the offer or counter it. If you'd rather have more control over the sale, you can also select a Buy Now option. This allows you to negotiate the price of the domain without a deadline.

In addition to GoDaddy's Sell Domain feature, other websites also allow you to sell your domains. These include Sedo, Cax, Afternic, Flippa, and Namesilo. When choosing a domain selling option, ensure that the listing option matches your needs. You'll need to set up an account with the website in order to sell a domain name.

The Buy Now feature is the most popular among domain sellers because it allows you to set a minimum price. Potential buyers can then respond with a lower offer. Once the buyer has accepted the lower offer, they can purchase the domain at the price listed in the Buy Now feature. Another benefit of the Buy Now feature is the quick turnaround. It can help you sell a domain in a matter of minutes instead of days.

If you're looking to sell your domain, GoDaddy's List for Sale feature is an excellent way to start. It allows you to list your domain name for sale on over 100 top registrars and reseller sites. You can also use ownership protection on your domain before selling it. However, you'll need to downgrade the protection plan after the sale. In addition, when you use this feature, you'll be able to replace your current website with a "For Sale" landing page.


When you want to sell a domain name on Godaddy, you can use the Sell Domain Auction feature. You can set a starting bid price and a reserve price. You can also set a 'Buy It Now' price, which allows buyers to purchase your domain right away before the auction ends. You will also need to pay a $10 listing fee. You can pay this fee through PayPal or credit card.

GoDaddy sell domain auctions offer you a chance to sell high authority domains before they expire. Generally, the auction lasts for 10 days, which gives potential buyers a few days to make an offer. Once the auction has ended, the domain owner will have 90 days to accept, reject, or counter any offers. Once the auction is over, the highest bidder will win.

To begin the auction process, you must create an account. You can either sign up for GoDaddy's account through Facebook or Google or use your email address. When you use the latter option, GoDaddy will automatically fill in the username field with your email address. You can, however, change this username if you wish.

Once you've set up your account, you can then use the Sell Domain Auction to sell your domain. GoDaddy has various listing options, including a Proxy Bidding Service that lets you monitor the bids from other people. If you're interested in selling a domain name, you can set the price range for your domain.

You can also use a premium listing option to sell your domain for free. Using this feature is easy, and you can setup it in your account dashboard. Once you have a premium listing, your domain will be included in the Domains You May Want section of the auction. However, you should be aware that these domains are not always in high demand.

Another feature you can use is the Closeout feature. If your domain has been listed for more than 10 days, it will go into a Closeout. Then, if there have been no bids, you can use the Buy Now option.


If you are a web property owner and are looking to sell a domain, you may be wondering about the commission structure of GoDaddy and Afternic. These two companies charge a commission based on the price of the domain name that you sell. The commission structure is complicated because it varies depending on the type of sale you make.

If you are selling a domain, the most important thing to remember is that you are trying to get the most money possible when selling it. Therefore, you will be trying to price it as high as you can. However, you may not have the money to spend six or seven figures on a domain.

In general, commission-only brokers may not take clients with limited budgets, since they are not huge companies. However, if you are willing to pay a fee upfront, you will be able to work with a Godaddy broker who will pursue any domain on your behalf. The fee for the services of a GoDaddy broker ranges between 10 and 20% of the price of the domain.

GoDaddy's process begins by asking the buyer to enter the desired domain name they wish to buy. Then, a GoDaddy broker will contact the domain's current owner and negotiate with him or her to get you the best price. The process can take up to 30 days. However, it's worth it since GoDaddy has name recognition and you'll be dealing with a trusted broker.

GoDaddy also offers a platform for sellers to list their domains for sale. In addition to creating a "For Sale" landing page for the domain website, they also provide an easy way to publish their listings on Afternic, the largest domain marketplace in the world. Furthermore, GoDaddy provides a useful tool to estimate the price of a domain.