How to Sell Domain Names Online
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There are many ways to sell your domain name online. You can highlight existing traffic, domain authority, and age. You can accept any payment method, including escrow services. For additional security, you can also use a third-party service called an escrow company to hold funds. Here are some common payment methods that domain name sellers use. In addition, you can highlight the payment method by highlighting the benefits of using an escrow service.

Using escrow services

There are various benefits of using escrow services when selling a domain name online. For one, escrow companies provide buyer and seller with peace of mind, as both parties are protected from fraudulent credit card activity and lack of funds. The escrow company will disburse the money after the provisions are met. In addition, escrow services offer many payment options, including credit cards and bank wires.

The process of escrow services works as follows: the buyer transfers the money to the escrow company, which confirms the payment and notifies the seller to transfer the domain name. The seller then follows the prompts of the escrow service and changes the ownership of the domain. However, different registrars follow different procedures. The escrow company checks WHOIS information to ensure that the domain is actually owned by the buyer.

Escrow services can protect both parties by ensuring the transfer of money is completed. When a buyer buys a domain name, they typically use an online escrow service to protect the seller. However, if you have domain names that are already registered elsewhere, the escrow service is unlikely to be able to handle this transaction. When the buyer finally buys the domain name, they will be required to transfer it to the escrow account of the escrow service.

When choosing a domain escrow service, remember that it's important to check out the company thoroughly. Check out their website for customer service, and make sure they answer any phone calls promptly. You can also verify that they're licensed in your state to conduct business. Escrow services also handle the payment types you require. Be sure to check with your state's consumer protection agency before choosing an escrow service.

Using Godaddy's "push" feature

If you're thinking of selling your domain name online, the "push" feature from Godaddy is a good option for many reasons. First of all, it allows you to transfer the domain to the buyer's account. Once the transaction is complete, the buyer will be able to access the domain and begin using it immediately. You can then transfer the domain to another registrar.

To sell your domain, you can include raw data showing its value, including appraisal values, back links, and traffic logs. It's a good idea to include the duration of registration for your domain as longer domains are generally worth more. Additionally, you'll need to include its expiration date and the process to transfer it. This way, potential buyers will be able to contact you if they're interested.

Another reason to use Godaddy is because it offers discounted domains. You can purchase new domains for as little as $1.99 or eight dollars. You can even sell your domain name at a much lower price if you're selling it online for a fast profit. And, because the "push" feature allows you to push your domain name to the buyer, it's great for flipping quickly.

Using NameBio

The database of previous domain name sales on NameBio is updated every day at midnight eastern time. It includes all domain extensions and any prices above $100. NameBio must verify each sale for accuracy. Currently, the database has over 642,000 domain name sales, representing over $1.7 billion in sales. However, the number of domain sales may vary by category and price. Before selling your domain name, be sure to check out the data on other sites.

There are two ways to sell your domain name: through a domain marketplace or through a web page. The first option is to post a web page advertising your domain for sale. If you are selling your domain name privately, you can use the NameBio form to report the sale. You must include proof of the sale, but once submitted, the name will not be deleted from the list. Once submitted, a buyer may choose to purchase your domain name.

Before selling your domain, you should determine the fair market value of the domain. Once you have an accurate figure, create a landing page that will draw in potential buyers. Many customers will search for domains by typing them in to see if they are available. Landing pages are a great way to close the deal. Make sure to have a landing page on your website for your domain name to ensure that it sells.

If you have an already established website or a domain name that needs to be sold, you can also list it on popular domain marketplaces. These marketplaces feature millions of domains and can help you sell your domain for the right price. Many of these marketplaces also include auction features and escrow services. And if your domain name is worth a lot, it is likely to attract serious buyers. But don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Using ShortNames

There are several benefits to using shortNames to sell domain names online. These URLs are typically two words or fewer and are easier to remember and read. Moreover, they take up less space. In addition, a short domain name is easier to remember, especially for previous visitors. It can also help you build a relationship with your visitors. Here are three reasons why you should consider using shortNames to sell domain name online.

First of all, a successful domain name sale requires trust. The buyer should trust the seller enough to make the payment. To prevent this, you should choose a trusted escrow service that will hold the payment until the domain name is transferred. Another benefit to using an escrow service is that it protects both the buyer and the seller. In case of a counteroffer, the seller may have to approve it before transferring the domain name.

Second, a short domain name is easier to remember and type. People do not want to spend hours trying to remember long website names. That's why they choose short URLs. The resulting traffic will make you money. Therefore, your domain name is more likely to be sold quickly and easily. When you use shortNames, you will be able to make more money on it than if you use long domain names.

Lastly, you can make your listing more attractive by including a landing page for your domain name. Although the page doesn't have to be fancy, it should contain contact details, including a phone number and email address. The page should be easy to navigate and incorporate color and imagery. This will let potential buyers know they are dealing with a person and not a company. The buyer can even get in touch with you if they have any questions.

Using NamePros

If you are a domain investor looking to sell your domain name, selling it on NamePros can be an excellent option. This marketplace allows you to list your domain for sale without paying any commissions. However, you should consider the type of buyers you are targeting when you list your domain for sale. Since most of these buyers are resellers, you should be sure to price your domain for a lower price than you would for an end user.

One way to get a higher price for your domain is by posting it on a forum. NamePros has a forum devoted to domain names, DNForum. This forum attracts millions of people. The discussions are intelligent and serious buyers can be found here. If your domain is a desirable one with a high demand, it is likely to attract serious buyers. You can also post your domain on the NamePros Forum, a site with over 1 million members.

After you've set your price for your domain, you can advertise the most valuable features of your domain and attract the right buyer. You can also share the benefits of owning a domain name, such as traffic statistics and ad revenue. Make sure to use social media handles to promote your domain name. You can also post banner ads featuring your domain for sale with a call to action and a link to your selling website. Another step to take before selling your domain online is to update your WHOIS record, which is an important part of selling your domain name. Your WHOIS record will display the name and contact information of the owner of the domain name. This way, if a potential buyer is interested in your domain, they can contact you directly.

Lastly, you can get a business account for $10 per month and have multiple active marketplace listings. This account is particularly helpful if you are looking to sell your domain on Namepros. With this account, you can sell more than one domain name at a time and make more money. In addition, you can also create multiple fixed and auction listings. You can also use NamePros' advanced selling tools, which allow you to make your listings more professional.