Should You Buy Domains With Google?

If you are considering buying a domain, you might be wondering whether you should use Google's platform. There are several advantages to using Google's platform - it's free, easy to use, and integrates with other Google products. But there are also a few things you should keep in mind before you make your purchase. We'll discuss these below. Before buying a domain, make sure you're a Google customer and confirm your email address with ICANN.


One of the easiest ways to register a domain name is to buy it from Google Domains. Its prices are transparent, though the cheapest extensions are typically a little expensive. In addition, you can benefit from free privacy protection, automatic verification through Google Search Console, and strong two-factor authentication. Although Google Domains isn't a game changer, it's worth trying out if you're interested in registering a domain name.

When you purchase a domain name from Google, you'll need a credit card or debit card. You can register multiple domains at once, and you can also choose to have your details kept private. You'll be asked for your contact information, which you can choose to keep private. Once you've entered your information, you can then point your domain name to your chosen hosting provider or change your nameservers to use Google's. You can also transfer an existing domain from another registrar to Google's, but you'll have to perform these actions at your current registrar first.

Once you've set up your website with Google Domains, you can use the integrated Google site building solutions to start building a website. It's easy to connect Google Domains to your Google account. You can also transfer existing domains from other registrars to Google Domains. The domain service includes built-in integrations with other Google products, such as Google Search Console. The latter means you don't have to manually verify the DNS records to link your domain to Google search results.

Integrates with other Google products

Google+ will look very different in six months once it has integrated with other Google products. Google has been hinting at the integration for a while, releasing hints in various places. In November 2011, CrushIQ editor Carter Gibson wrote about it, and in January and February 2012, early signs of Google+ integration were evident. Search Plus Your World and the new "Like" button were two of the most prominent. And if these hints were true, Google will have a lot more product to offer in the coming months.


The price of buying domains with Google is $12/year for domain extension. While you can purchase a domain for 1 or 10 years, Google does not offer any discount based on the number of years you choose. Moreover, registering a domain for more than one year will increase the cost. You can check out Google's full price list for buying domains with Google here. To purchase a domain name with Google, you need to confirm your email address with ICANN.

If you already have a domain and need to transfer it to Google, you can do so using a third-party hosting provider. Google Domains also has a partnership with BlueHost, Weebly, Shopify, and SquareSpace. However, if you do not want to use these services, you can use any third-party hosting provider. The disadvantage of Google Domains is that they do not offer support for setting up your website. But if you are going to use these services, you can always contact the third-party hosting providers and pick up their support.

The price of buying domains with Google depends on several factors, including type of domain, availability, and duration. The lookup tool will help you find your desired domain at a reasonable price. You can also get alternate top-level domains by using the site's lookup tool. However, you must remember that Google Domains does not offer bulk transfer or registration options. You should check with your chosen provider for pricing.

Privacy protection

You can protect your privacy when buying domains with Google. First, you can unlock your domain by entering the authorization code you receive upon purchase. You can also edit records and change contact details. Once your domain name is unlocked, you can point it to your host, change the nameservers, and add resource records to Google's nameservers. If you already own a domain registered with another registrar, you can transfer it to Google Domains by performing the necessary actions at your current registrar.

Domain privacy protection helps to prevent unwanted calls and texts. Spammers are commonplace. In the US alone, 59% of consumers received COVID-19 scam texts and calls in 2021. Privacy protection eliminates the source of the spam calls and texts. A recent IBM X-Force report shows that 22% of attacks in Q2 2021 were caused by stolen credentials. By protecting your domain, you will be able to avoid this problem.

Privacy protection when buying domains with Google doesn't work for every domain ending. Some of them have policies that prohibit privacy protection. You can check these policies before buying a domain name. You can enable privacy protection by changing your privacy settings on your domain. Changing this setting can prevent spammers from contacting you, so you should make sure it's enabled for the domain you're planning to buy. This is especially important if you plan on buying an SSL certificate.

ICANN registration fee

When you buy domains with Google, you'll need to pay an ICANN registration fee. This is mandatory and includes personal information for every domain. ICANN maintains a database for every domain, where you can look up who owns the domain. Unfortunately, this information is public and can be exploited by hackers. However, there are a few ways to avoid paying the fee.

ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that promotes competition and establishes policies related to unique identifiers. They charge a $0.18 registration fee per year for every domain. You can choose which registrar charges you this fee - some registrars automatically include it in the price. If you do, however, want to save money, you can choose to register your domain with an alternative company.

In addition to paying the ICANN registration fee, you'll have to pay a setup fee. Depending on the name you choose, this fee could be as little as $15 or as much as $140. Despite these fees, buying a domain with Google can save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, many users have become so accustomed to using Google's services to manage their domains that they have moved to Google.