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where to sell domain names
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Whether you're an experienced domain entrepreneur, or a newbie who wants to sell domain names, you will find that there are a few factors to consider when you're considering selling your domain names. First, you'll want to consider whether you're selling domain names that are branded or generic. Generally speaking, branded domain names are those that reflect a specific country, city, or location, while generic domain names are those that reflect the type of service or product being offered.

Generic domain names reflect the service and products

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a nonprofit public benefit corporation established to promote the Internet and help make it work better for everyone. It also manages the Internet's IANA functions. Among other things, ICANN is responsible for naming and governing the hundreds of thousands of gTLDs that comprise the Internet's domain name system. In addition to naming and governing these gTLDs, ICANN operates the world's largest domain name distribution network. It is also the world's biggest registrar. It has over 19 million registered domain names, 5 million parked domain names, and over one million domain names for sale.

The ICANN is also responsible for the top level of the Domain Name System, which consists of the root domain and a set of subdomains dubbed the root domain namespace. The root domain itself is nameless, but the namespace contains hundreds of thousands of domain names. Some of the domain names have been assigned to domain name registries or network information centers. A registrar is a middleman that helps customers buy or sell domain names, while a network information center is a service provider that offers a variety of web hosting services, including virtual domains and web hosting services. ICANN has been responsible for the naming and governing the Internet's gTLDs for over a decade.

As of October 2009, there were 21 generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in the aforementioned gTLD space. The most impressive of these gTLDs is the aforementioned gTLD, which contains some of the Internet's highest ranked domain names.

Geographic names reflect the specific country, city, location, etc.

Often, geographic names are used to describe the specific country, city, location, or area. They also are an indicator of the local language, pronunciation, and meaning. Geographic names are based on the science of toponymy.

These names are usually based on a toponymist's research on local history and usage. In some cases, the name can be based on official government sources. However, toponymists are primarily based on interviews with local residents. They also rely on maps. They usually maintain an active database of toponymic data in various formats. This is in part due to the importance of toponymic data for mapping and other purposes.

The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) is a database of official names for geographical features in the United States. It was developed in partnership with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. GNIS contains over two million geographic names in the U.S. GNIS also includes all feature types, except road names.

For a geography project, you should establish an electronic data source of all USA place names. This can be done with the use of the United States Gazetteer, which is part of the U.S. Census Bureau. The Gazetteer also contains basic statistics and weather data.

The Geographic Names Information System also provides information on official names for other countries. In addition, the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature lists obscure Earth names.


Whether you are looking to buy or sell a domain, BrandBucket has something for everyone. It's been around for a few years and has a surprisingly large library of domain names. It also has an escrow system in place to keep your money safe until the domain name is ready for use.

BrandBucket offers a variety of other services such as logo design, liquidation, and payoneer. The website is designed to attract end users, with a Pinterest-like design on the homepage. The site also offers a few articles on branding.

BrandBucket lists more than 20 thousand domain names. There are also other sites that list domain names for sale. One of the better known auction sites is GoDaddy. Another is the eBay Marketplace. The eBay Marketplace allows you to buy and sell domain names, and also allows you to interact with other eBay Marketplace sellers.

Another site to consider is SnapNames. SnapNames allows you to submit a domain name for sale at a fixed price, or at an auction. The site also has a team of domain experts to help you with the process.

BrandBucket is a domain marketplace that sells only brandable domain names. The site features a curated library of more than 50,000 names. These names are hand-picked by creative branding professionals. The site also offers articles on branding and logo design.


Founded in 2013, Efty is the largest commission free domain name marketplace. With more than one million domains on hand, this company is well positioned to improve monetization and marketing of domain names.

Efty offers a wide range of features that are not typically found on other domain name auction sites. Among them is an optimized landing page for domain sales. It also allows users to track renewals.

The main benefits of using Efty are the ability to improve domain name marketing and investor management. Additionally, users can track the performance of their portfolio.

Selling a domain name is a great way to earn money. But it's not always easy. In addition to finding the right buyer, you need to price your domain properly. There are a number of domain name auction sites that allow users to list their domains for sale. Some of these sites allow users to set a reserve price or auction the domain to the highest bidder.

Another way to sell your domain is to use a broker. Domain brokers are typically only interested in domains that are worth five figures. In exchange for a commission, they can provide you with a written agreement and other important details.

The best sites to sell domains are the ones that have a reputation for being reputable. You should also consider your advertising budget.


Whether you're looking to sell a domain name or just want to learn more about the domain marketplace, you may want to consider SnapNames. This domain name auction site allows you to buy and sell domains online in a transparent, open market environment. You can submit your domains for consideration through SnapNames' online submission form, through email, or by mail.

SnapNames offers a number of services, including domain brokerage, private brokerage, and auction services. You can also check out SnapNames' Privacy Policy, which describes your rights to your personal information. This policy can be found within the Terms of Service.

SnapNames holds your domain safely in escrow until the purchase price is paid to the escrow account. This can take a longer time if the buyer is not located in the United States. However, SnapNames will do its best to complete the transfer process within three business days.

The Terms of Service also stipulate that you must provide an Authorization Code to SnapNames. If you fail to do so, your sale will not go through. However, SnapNames may allow you to transfer ownership to another registrar.

SnapNames offers a wide range of payment methods. You can pay through Paypal, credit cards, or other payment methods. However, some methods may require a small surcharge. You can also pay for domains through Network Solutions escrow accounts.

NamePros Forum

Having a domain forum is a great way to get exposure for your domain. You can also make friends with other domainers, and learn about domains. You can post a domain for sale and find buyers in a variety of different ways.

The domain marketplace is one of the most common ways to sell domains. You can list your domain on the domain marketplace or auction pages, or you can list it as a "buy it now" domain. Whether you list it as an auction or on a fixed price page, you should list it with a little description about it.

The domain forums are a good way to promote your domain, but you need to be careful about how you do it. Some of the sites require a fee to list a domain, but others are free. You should also make sure that your domain is set up for success.

One of the more popular domain forums is the NamePros forum. It is an online community for domainers and online business enthusiasts. The forum has over 1 million members. The forum is also home to the Domain Marketplace, which is an open market for domains.

The Domain Marketplace has 1747 domains for sale. Among the sites in this domain marketplace, you should consider Flippa. Flippa is a site that sells online businesses and affiliate sites. It also has special departments for financing and valuation.