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If you want to sell website templates, there are a number of places where you can list them. Among these places are webmaster forums, such as Webmaster-Talk. Because these forums cater to webmasters who have multiple sites, you are more likely to attract buyers. Plus, you can list multiple instances of a theme on these sites, which is an added benefit.


Canva is a popular design tool, and it sells website templates that can be customized to your needs. The site offers templates for business, personal and B2C markets. Using templates allows you to save time and money on design. The templates are also great for small business owners without a full-time graphic designer on staff.

Using a Canva template will help you to create a stunning design for your website without knowing much about design software. You'll also be helping out the creators of these templates by buying them, which is a nice feeling for a small business owner. It also helps fund the creation of more templates in the future.

Another benefit of using Canva is that you can sell your designs without any experience. If you don't have a lot of design experience, this is a great way to make extra money online. The site offers free accounts, but you can also purchase a Canva Pro account, which gives you access to more tools and premium graphics and fonts. You can also sell your Canva templates through the Canva marketplace. However, if you're just starting out, it's best to use the free account. The free account has some restrictions, but it's a great way to develop your skills and start making some money.

If you're interested in selling your Canva templates, the process is straightforward. First, you need to submit an application. Then, they'll review your product. Once approved, you can sell it in Canva or on Creative Market.


Envato sells website templates and other digital content. It is an online marketplace for HTML templates and other templates for popular content management systems. It is one of the largest online marketplaces of this type, and has millions of visitors each month. It also offers a PDF version of templates, which is useful for offline reading and sharing.

Other than selling website templates, you can sell Flash files, audio, and video files. It is owned by the same network as ThemeForest and operates in a similar fashion. When selling your work, you earn a percentage of the sale. There are higher commissions for exclusive templates, as well. To sell your templates, you must complete a quiz and become a member of the Author Program. To earn more money by selling your templates, you can also sell audio and video files.

Envato has over nine million monthly organic visitors. According to SEMRush, this is about nine million for desktop users. This means that if your theme is popular, it will get lots of views from a highly targeted audience. Not only that, but it also means that your themes will be seen by people with extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Envato sells website templates and video assets for commercial use. These assets can be used for personal or client projects. You can also re-register the assets for different uses. The downside is that you don't own the assets once you download them. However, this is better than using free items and stock photos.


TalkFreelance sells website templates for the purpose of making websites and has a large selection of templates for sale. Some of the templates are very simple to use while others require a bit more technical know-how. Web designers can also sell their templates on TalkFreelance, which does not take a percentage of the sales.

You should be aware of the copyright laws regarding website templates. In most cases, the images and design are protected by copyright law. Hence, it is better to pay for a website template than to risk being sued for thousands of Euro. Besides, the people who have created the template do need to eat and earn money. They have probably put hundreds of hours into educating themselves and creating the template.

You can also sell your website templates on specialized websites. Some sites specialize in selling certain types of website templates, while others specialize in specific languages. In such cases, you may be able to get a higher rate for your work. Some of these marketplaces sell templates in multiple languages and have limited restrictions.

A website template business can be very profitable. If you can create and market the templates, you can earn hundreds of dollars a month. While selling these templates on marketplaces might be the easiest route, you should also think about marketing them on your own website or through your own blog. Remember that you need to create an eCommerce infrastructure to sell the templates.


Showit sells website templates that are easy to customize to fit your unique business style. Its templates are designed to be modern and functional. Many of them have been crafted with the needs of specific industries in mind, making them an excellent choice for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. The templates come with a free video training course and step-by-step design guides.

Roselyn Carr, an artist and lettering artist, creates the templates for Showit. Her intricate lettering and watercolor designs are featured in the templates. You can find real watercolor details in the Harbor template, and hand-drawn florals in the Moonstone template. You will find that the templates are made with heart and care.

Once you've chosen a template, the next step is installing it. The software comes with a site key code, which you can use to install the template onto your site. You'll also receive a free bonus Content Workbook with the template. Once you've installed the template, you can start customizing your new site.

If you have experience designing websites, you can also choose to sell your own templates on Showit. This way, you can use your skills and expertise to design websites for others. Showit is a great platform for anyone looking to earn a side income.


Templamatic sells website templates to webmasters all over the world. Craig and Anthony both had full-time jobs and were looking to take their career to the next level. The business was an excellent fit for their combined skills and expertise, but they faced a few challenges in acquiring a company like Templatic. One of the most important challenges was obtaining the funding to purchase the business. In order to do so, they pooled their funds together to cover the costs of purchasing the business. Templatic was also a risky business to acquire, since most of its assets were stored in the United States, its staff was based in the United Kingdom, and its bank accounts were in another country.

Templatic is one of the leading providers of website templates. They have been around for over a decade and offer ready-to-use, high-quality themes for WordPress. Templatic's website templates are easy to use, and they are user-friendly. However, it is important to note that they do not offer themes for other popular website building platforms such as Blogger and Drupal.

Templatic has an excellent blog that contains tutorials on how to create custom themes for WordPress. They also provide a comprehensive documentation for their templates. A membership to Templatic allows users unlimited access to their website templates, and they can purchase licenses for as many sites as they like.


ThemeForest is an online marketplace where users can buy HTML templates, website themes, and popular CMS products. Items are priced according to their complexity, quality, and use. Buyers may pay an upfront fee or pre-pay a deposit to purchase an item. The site features a vibrant community of web designers and is the largest marketplace of its kind.