Find a Domain For Sale in Birchgrove

Are you in the market for a domain name to promote your real estate business or just need one to promote your brand online, Birchgrove offers some excellent domain sales.

Domain's research found that Sydney's Birchgrove would remain one of the most sought-after suburbs in 2022, thanks to buyers seeking a lifestyle change. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2023 and beyond.


Birchgrove, located five kilometres west of Sydney's CBD, is an affluent suburb situated on a peninsular. It's popular with families due to its harbour frontage and plentiful parks. Its borders are on the north by Parramatta River, east by Snails Bay, and south by Balmain; making Birchgrove one of Sydney's wealthier areas due to its harbour frontage as well as plenty of restaurants and shopping along Grove Street.

Crime in Birchgrove is relatively low, making it a safe place to live. Violence and sexual offences were the most frequent crimes here in 2022 - 12% lower than 2021 and significantly below England, Wales, and Northern Ireland's overall averages. Furthermore, Birchgrove ranks as one of the least dangerous small towns in West Glamorgan for robbery rates with 1 crime recorded per 1,000 inhabitants in July 2022.


Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson recently listed her Sydney home for sale, a free-standing Victorian villa on Birchgrove's Louisa Road. The three-story residence stands out due to its location and panoramic view from the roof. Expected price tag of $10 million is an unbeatable deal for any suburban residence - let alone one with such an exquisite waterfront outlook!

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Landing page

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