How to Sell an Old Domain For Sale
old domain for sale
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If you want to monetize an old domain or just use it for yourself, there are various methods available. These may include:

One of the key factors in deciding whether a domain is worth purchasing is traffic. Domains with high monthly traffic ratings can be leveraged in various ways to make money quickly (and save on advertising expenses).

GoDaddy List for Sale

GoDaddy List for Sale is a new service designed to make selling domain names as an existing customer simple. The aim of the service is to help entrepreneurs and other individuals make money from their unused domain names.

You can use this service to list a domain that is no longer active and sell it at an established price. The final decision on price depends on how much profit you want to make from the sale as well as its worthiness.

Once listed in GoDaddy Auctions, potential buyers can bid on it until the end of seven days. The highest bidder wins the domain and can either accept or reject their bid.

If you're uncertain about the value of a domain, an estimate pricing tool can help. This will enable you to set an accurate price for the domain and guarantee that you don't pay too much.

Before listing your domain, you can set up filters to make it easier for buyers to locate it. These could include industry, target audience and keywords. The more specific the information provided, the greater the chance that the right buyer will view your listing and make an offer.

The auction process can be somewhat intricate, so be sure to closely follow all instructions. Furthermore, don't be afraid to ask for assistance if needed.

If you have any queries during the auction process, don't hesitate to get in touch with a customer support representative. This will make everything much smoother for both you and the potential buyer.

You can further accentuate your domain's presence on the site by providing more details and paying an additional fee to get it featured on a category page. Doing this will make the domain stand out from thousands of others and boost its chances of being sold.

When you're ready to sell your domain, head to GoDaddy Auctions and create an account. You'll need a password as well as pay a $4.99 annual fee in order to complete your listing and create an auction for it. From there, you can begin adding details about your listing and creating an auction accordingly.


Chosendomain is a company that specializes in buying and selling aged or expired domains with excellent customer service. You'll also find great deals on domain name registrations or transfers from one registrar to another here! Their website is user-friendly and features a vast selection of high quality domains for sale. Furthermore, they provide various services for those looking to launch their business online. They have a team of knowledgeable domain experts ready to assist with whatever your internet needs may be. You can contact them by phone or email from their website, and the best part is they have a money back guarantee so you can try out their services without any risk.


SnapNames purchases domain names from registry registries that are about to expire and auctions them off. If the domains sell well, SnapNames makes money; if not, they go to the highest bidder.

Snapnames makes it simple to list domains for auction and purchase expired domains from a seller, but it is not without its drawbacks. Its support can be slow or nonexistent, and customers with complex problems may find their answers unhelpful.

Additionally, SnapNames was embroiled in a domain name shill bidding scandal that affected multiple auctions since 2005. In short, it appears one of their employees used an "halvarez" account to place irrationally high bids on numerous domains at its auctions.

The issue was that these excessively high bids did not reflect the true market value of domains, which was much lower than what had originally been paid for. The company failed to disclose how many auctions were affected by this error and only last week did it make an honest admission of its miscalculations.

SnapNames conducted only a small percentage of auctions, but this practice caused substantial financial harm to several companies - in some cases exceeding $10K in loss.

In other instances, however, the difference was much smaller. In some instances, irrational bids were so low that winning buyers only paid a fraction of what they should have paid.

Thankfully, SnapNames has offered several refunds to affected customers for the difference between what they actually paid and what irrationally high bids would have cost them had the low bids not been placed. Unfortunately, customers must sign a release agreement releasing any rights they might have had against SnapNames in exchange for receiving their refund.

It was an unjust decision by a company, who should have returned this money to customers without condition and provided full and accurate reports along with the refund.