How to Sell Domains From Godaddy
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If you want to sell your domain name, you have several options. You can sell domains via the public auctions offered by Godaddy. These auctions are held on a public basis, and you don't need a specific buyer to bid on your domain name. However, you will need to know about the fees before making a bid.

Offer/Counter Offer

Offer/Counter Offer is a feature that enables you to accept or decline a lower bid from the buyer. This allows the seller to negotiate for a higher price if necessary, or to reject a lower offer and move on to a different offer. The seller can also enter the minimum amount that they are willing to accept to avoid receiving low-ball offers.

Using an Offer/Counter Offer when selling domains is a great way to attract buyers. It makes the process of negotiating easier. The buyer can make an offer that exceeds the minimum amount for the domain name, or can make a counter-offer. In either case, the buyer will have the option to accept the current offer or reject the counter-offer. If the offer is accepted, it is considered a binding offer.

When you make an Offer/Counter Offer, it is vital to be realistic. A low-ball offer will discourage some buyers from bidding on a domain, but a high-ball offer can increase profits for a domain investor. While some buyers will disappear during negotiations, others will write back to negotiate the price.

The buyer's offer becomes the opening bid in a seven-day public auction. Other GoDaddy members may then bid on the domain. If the buyer's offer exceeds the seller's counter-offer price, the buyer will be able to purchase the domain immediately.

A seller can also choose to add a Buy It Now option to his auction. This option is more limited and can be less advantageous. It will not allow the seller to list expired, inactive, or internationalized domains. The price of a domain will be shown in USD, so you'll be paying the USD price for it.

GoDaddy Auctions provides multiple listing options, including Buy Now, Offer/Counter Offer, and 7-Day Public Auction. To list your domain name in the auction, you must first register with GoDaddy. Once you have an account, fill out the form and enter your domain name. Make sure to enter all of the necessary details and click "Save" to complete your purchase. A buyer can then choose to pay for the domain using PayPal or other method of payment.

Another option when selling domains on Godaddy is to use the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service. This service helps buyers and investors find domains for sale. These companies use advanced tools to track down owners of domain names. You can also get in touch with the owner through the service and negotiate a deal.

Buy Now

A Buy Now listing is a good option for domain sellers whose prices have been set by the seller. This option allows a buyer to purchase your domain name immediately, without any negotiation. It also means that the domain name will be available to more companies than if it were listed on a regular basis.

To sell your domain, you can use an auction method, Buy Now listing, or Offer/Counter Offer. The auction method will drive the price up, but the Buy Now option is limited and can be less lucrative. In addition, you will have to create a payee profile separately.

When you sell a domain name on GoDaddy, you can select an offer price and a counter offer. You can also list the domain under multiple categories. Your listing comes with one category by default, but you can purchase up to four more categories. GoDaddy will then display the price and the terms of each category when the domain is listed.

It's important to set a realistic price when selling a domain. The price you list should be higher than the market value of the domain, and you should avoid underselling yourself. There are free tools available for this purpose, but they are useless unless you're aware of your domain's value and history.

Another option to sell a domain name is to list it on Afternic, a sales platform similar to the MLS for real estate. Afternic will send your domain name to more than 100 partners in the industry. As long as your domain name is valuable in the industry, it should sell easily.

List for Sale

The new List for Sale service from GoDaddy has made the process of selling domain names on the Internet much simpler. It also offers a free tool that lets you estimate what your domain name is worth. This service is available to all GoDaddy customers and gives domain investors the ability to unlock a valuable inventory.

Once you have identified your domain and created a "For Sale" landing page, you can list it on the GoDaddy website. You can also publish your listing on the Afternic domain marketplace. To list your domain, click on the List for Sale button in the corresponding Category. You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions of the listing, as well as the terms and conditions of the new pricing structure.

In addition to free listing, GoDaddy also offers a premium service for listing domain names. It costs $4.99 a year for the premium listing, but it also allows you to negotiate the price. This service has a special team of domain name specialists who will appraise your domain and negotiate a price. Listed domains will appear in the Domains You May Want section, as well as in search results.

You can list multiple domain names at once with the List for Sale service. The listing options include Buy Now, Offer/Counter Offer, and 7-Day Public Auction. To list a domain, you must have an account with GoDaddy. To begin listing your domain, sign in and fill out all the relevant information.


When you're ready to sell a domain, you'll want to know how much it's worth. To do so, you can use the GoDaddy Domain Value and Appraisal tool. It offers free estimates and a list of comparable domains that have sold recently. In addition, you'll want to make sure you un-privatize your contact information on the WHOIS so that potential buyers can contact you.

Regardless of the level of experience you have with selling domains, there are ways to save money and sell your domain for top dollar. By taking the time to learn about how domains work, you'll be able to save thousands of dollars. If you're new to the business, consider enrolling in DNAcademy, an intensive training program taught by industry leader Michael Cyger. GoDaddy has partnered with DNAcademy to help its new brokers get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Another way to save money when selling domains on Godaddy is by using a domain broker. These professionals will find potential buyers for your domain and negotiate a price. Then, they'll arrange for a seamless domain transfer for you. And since a domain broker usually charges a fee, the process can be very simple.

There are many ways to list your domain on GoDaddy. You can create a "For Sale" landing page for your domain website. GoDaddy also offers an estimate tool to help you determine how much a domain is worth before selling it. Once you have decided to sell your domain, you can also publish it on Afternic, the world's largest domain marketplace.

You can also use a broker if you're not comfortable selling your domain to a stranger. A domain broker can help you sell a domain without having to disclose your identity. They can also help keep the price low because they're a part of a leading company. GoDaddy domain brokers are trained to use proven systems and negotiating tactics to negotiate the best price for your domain.

There are several other websites where you can sell domains. In addition to GoDaddy, you can also use Sedo and Flippa, and there are plenty of other sites that allow you to sell your domains without any hassle. However, they charge a fee for the service.