What Websites Sell Used Items?
what websites sell used items
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If you're wondering what websites sell used items, consider Craigslist. Similar to a garage sale, Craigslist is full of sellers who have no idea of what their items are worth and are primed to bargain. This site is always open and accessible, so you can list your items anytime. However, if you're serious about selling your stuff online, you need to have a solid strategy. The best way to sell stuff online is to reach out to your target demographic and meet them where they spend their time online.


Mercari is one of the websites that allow users to sell used items for cash. It charges a small commission on each sale. However, you can avoid paying any upfront fees by using an alternative payment service. Instead, use a credit or debit card. With Mercari, you can receive payments through two methods: Instant Pay and Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is free for amounts over $10.

Mercari allows sellers to describe each item by one of five conditions. You should note that different people have different ideas of what makes an item in good condition. It is best to be accurate when describing an item. It also pays to keep in mind that Mercari does not accept returns due to fit or buyer's remorse.

Mercari has low commission fees and is an excellent option for people looking to sell used items. It also features a fast listing process and free shipping. With a little effort and patience, you can earn some serious cash. However, you need to watch out for scammers.

Mercari is free and available in Google Play and the App Store. Once you download the app, listing an item on Mercari is quick and easy. When the item sells, Mercari will email you a shipping label. If the item is sold, you will get paid 10 percent of the selling price.

When it comes to selling items on Mercari, you should be realistic about what kinds of items will sell well and which ones will be difficult to sell. Remember that the best time to sell items is when a season's shopping surge is high. There are always a few seasonal spikes, and secondhand sellers can take advantage of them.


ThredUP is a website that helps consumers find quality used items. It is a great place to sell clothes and accessories that you no longer need. It also accepts maternity, kids', and plus-size clothing. These websites help you recycle your clothes and donate them to charity.

ThredUP started as a menswear exchange but has now evolved into an exclusive secondhand clothing marketplace with over two million items from more than 35,000 brands. Once you decide to sell your used clothing or electronic items, ThredUp sends you a Free Clean Out Kit with a shipping label. You then send off your unwanted items and the site will take care of the rest, including photographing and calculating the value of the garments. Once they have processed your items, they will either give you store credit or cash, depending on how many items you sell.

Poshmark is similar to thredUP in that it allows users to sell their second-hand clothing and accessories. Users fill out a profile and list their items for sale. They can also post a picture of their item for others to see. Poshmark pays out a lot of money to its sellers and buyers each year.

The RealReal

The RealReal website is a popular secondhand shopping site that specializes in luxury items. This website has several brick-and-motor stores and an online marketplace where you can sell your used designer items. It also offers free in-home pickups. It is an excellent option for those who want to sell designer goods for a fraction of the cost.

The website features clothing for men, women, and kids, along with jewelry, accessories, and makeup. With over 70 million items for sale, there is a huge selection and buyers can curate their closets. Users can also 'like' items they want to view later and contact the seller for more information.

The RealReal is one of the largest online luxury resale marketplaces. It offers luxury goods at up to 90% off retail prices. The RealReal's marketplace is authenticated by experts in the field, and the items are carefully chosen to ensure their authenticity. They also accept returns on clothing and jewelry.

Another option for selling your luxury items is through Tradesy. Tradesy is free and has plenty of buyers looking for designer and luxury items. Once you've listed your items on either site, The RealReal will authenticate and photograph them for you. When the sale is complete, you can receive your payment through direct deposit, credit, or mailed check.


If you're looking to sell used items online, you'll probably want to check out Bonanza. It's a great platform that allows you to sell a wide variety of items, and it has many neat features. For example, you can import your current eBay and Amazon listings to Bonanza via CSV file. It also doesn't charge listing fees, and its commission is much lower than that of Amazon. Plus, Bonanza integrates several payment services.

Another major advantage of Bonanza is that it is much easier to use than other websites. The interface makes it easier to list products, set prices, and schedule listings. Additionally, the site offers live chat that allows you to interact with customers and build a relationship. If your customer isn't happy with the item they bought, you can easily resolve any issues on the spot by chatting with them on the website.

Bonanza offers free listing for your products, and the average commission is about 3.5% of the total price. Because it doesn't have a listing fee, it can be a great option if you're selling used items. Its free listing feature helps you attract more buyers and increases your profit. The platform also sends your items to shopping engines, which helps increase your sales.

In addition to being free to join, Bonanza allows you to use your eBay reputation. This means that when you sell used items on eBay, you can continue to earn from the same sales as before. You can also benefit from Bonanza's partnership with Google. Its listings are shown on Google Shopping Adverts and Bing, which means that you can reach a large number of potential buyers.


Nextdoor is a website where communities can create a private web page to facilitate communication among neighbors and create a healthier community. Nextdoor was founded on the concept that a community is more than just a home or office building. The company recently added a new category called For Sale and Free that allows neighbors to sell and buy used items. The service is currently available in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Before sharing your personal information on Nextdoor, be cautious. You can be easily tricked by unscrupulous people. Likewise, don't give your address or phone number to strangers. This can lead to identity theft or worse. Also, be aware of fake recommendation pages. In addition, scammers like to use private messages to approach unsuspecting victims without being exposed to public scrutiny.