Website Sale – Making the Process Easy

Website Sale – Making the Process Easy

When you want to conduct a website sale, you want to deal with a reliable, ethical company that can make the process easy and fast. You may want to sell a site simply because you’re getting into a different business with products or services you don’t currently provide.

  1. Website Sale – Making the Process Easy 

It may be because it isn’t as lucrative as you had hoped it would be or it’s taking up too much of your time. If you have multiple sites, you may decide to streamline and promote the sites that are most profitable.   A website sale can be done for another reason. Some people are in the business of creating websites as assets. They build websites, add content, get the traffic, and eventually sell the websites for much more than they originally cost to set up.

If you know the ropes this can be a very lucrative business venture. When you want to sell your site, you have to begin by providing the relevant information to be included in your listing. This will include your contact email address, and whether you’re listing a domain or a website. It’s a good idea to list your site with a broker who doesn’t publicly post your email address on the listing. This way you don’t have to deal with spammers.  


When you’re working on a website sale

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, you need to have a title for your listing that makes it clear to potential buyers what the site is all about. You also have to include the URL of your site so buyers can browse the site before making an offer. You also have to write up a description of the website with all the relevant information.

This section of your listing is where you can show off all the best features of the site. The description should be thorough so buyers will want to make an offer. Be completely honest about your listing.   A website sale listing should include a specific category and the status of the site. Is it a turnkey site? Are you looking for a joint venture? Is the site partially or fully developed? You should list how many visitors and page views the site has on a daily basis. Include the date that the site was originally put up. The disc space and bandwidth used are important, so make sure your listing provides this information.

If the site has a membership, list how many members you have, and all the information about mailing lists. Be sure to list how income is generated. Is it from selling access to the site, from products and services, or from other sources? Include the asking price and your broker information.